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History Is Made By Those Who Explored

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In 1995 AOL, America Online, was the biggest game in town. Even back then, companies were trying to figure out how to own a presence online.  We were there when the Internet was still mostly dirt roads. Since that time a lot has changed about the landscape of the Internet.

Founding & Experience

Our founder, E. Tyler Croskey, has had a hand in developing and designing parts of that landscape since 1995. ETXMedia is the culmination of nearly 25 years professional Information Technology experience. In 1995 he formed Digital Arts in Kent, Ohio which was one of the very first Internet based businesses in the state.

He later sold Digital Arts and became part of one of the largest consulting firms in the country working to solve the computing issues to make sure our nations largest industries became Y2K compliant.

Since that time, he has contributed code and bug fixes to several major server platforms and software packages including Red Hat Linux, OSCommerce and WordPress.

After years of Marketing, Decision Science and Consulting roles Mr. Croskey dedicated his time working to help Veteran centered non-profit organizations build a presence online to increase membership response and fund raising efforts.


After moving to Trinity in East Texas, Mr. Croskey has opened to help small businesses find their online real state and grow their businesses. He has seen a real need for great expansion of the information that is available on the Internet about East Texas and it’s communities, businesses and organizations.

Rural Divide

How East Texas appears on the internet

Unfortunately, the image above is how East Texas appears online.

15 years ago there was a widely used term, the “Digital Divide”. This term focused on not only the infrastructure resources available in an area, especially rural and urban areas, but the flow of information to and from those areas.

A lot of companies and organizations are under-represented in rural areas. The information that is available is usually outdated, incorrect or simply false. ETCMedia wants to change that, especially for East Texas using technology that will provide answers with those who are searching for correct information.

Our history as explorers puts ETXMedia in the perfect place to lead the way in growing the local economies in East Texas.


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